African Lifesaving Academy

The African Lifesaving Academy (ALA) is a not for profit Association that is incorporated in the Kingdom of Morocco on 12 January 2017. Its statutes were internationalised on 23 June 2018 in Agadir – Morocco. The Academy is governed by the Laws of Morocco and is recognised by the ILS-Africa Lifesaving Confederation.

The Logo of the African Lifesaving Academy


ILS-Africa Lifesaving Academy
Complexe Sportif Moullay Abdellah, Rabat 10090, Maroc
Tel: +212 661 200 801, Mobile: +237 677 54 19 84.
E-mail: or


The ALA has the following objectives:

  1. Promote research and develop in the population the sense of duty, ethical and moral education.
  2. Promote the development of lifesaving, rescue and first aid and the appropriate means of rescuing fellow citizens.
  3. Promote education of drowning prevention to the population and act in cooperation with other African humanitarian organisations.
  4. Encourage the teaching of lifesaving, lifeguarding, rescue, first aid, AED and resuscitation and create educational exchanges on lifesaving techniques and operations.
  5. Contribute to the improvement of methods and means of water rescue, resuscitation of drowning and emergency care and promote uniformity of equipment, information, symbols and laws on the control and regulation of the aquatic environment.
  6. Encourage all research in the field of accident prevention in the aquatic environment and rescue, not only with regard to the equipment to be used, but also with regard to prevention, rescue, first aid and resuscitation techniques.
  7. Organise the training of managers and sanction training, through courses, conferences and other means.
  8. Reward exemplary actions illustrating its purpose.
  9. Encourage the organisation and participation in African congresses with the aim of creating friendly ties, solidarity and collaboration between members and other organisations that pursue the same humanitarian goals.
  10. Raise awareness among all African citizens about drownings and prevent drowning through regional, national and international drowning prevention conferences.
  11. Highlight vital components as well as knowledge, study and protection and respect for the environment on the tourist, artistic, cultural, educational or scientific levels.
  12. Teach, facilitate and develop the global exchange of information and best practices of rescue in Africa through development centres.
  13. Unite sports and utilitarian groups in order to achieve the social purpose.
  14. Undertake other actions that will, according to the ALA, achieve their objectives.
  15. Create new groups, multiply rescue and assistance stations, schools of first aid and aquatic rescue.
  16. Organise, encourage, develop and disseminate the practice of lifesaving in all its forms, through any appropriate action.
  17. Encourage exchanges and cooperation between African Academies and research and education institutions.


The effective members with voting rights at the General Assembly are:

  • Mohamed Ali Gharbal (Morocco), ILS-Africa Vice-President, President of the Royal Moroccan Lifesaving Federation and President of the African Lifesaving Academy.
  • Colonel (ret) Abdelkader Chekroun (Algeria), ILS-Africa Board Member and Vice-President of the African Lifesaving Academy.
  • Vacant: Secretary General of the African Lifesaving Academy.
  • Dr. Mohamed Saleh MD (Egypt), ILS-Africa President, ILS Vice-President and Member of the African Lifesaving Academy.
  • Mr. Thierry Georges Vackat (Central African Republic), ILS-Africa Vice-President, President of the Central African Republic Lifesaving Federation and Member of the African Lifesaving Academy.
  • Dr. Murtada Kamal PhD (Sudan), President of the Sudan Lifesaving and Diving Federation and Member of the African Lifesaving Academy.
  • Dr. Harald Vervaecke PhD (Belgium), ILS Secretary General and Member of the African Lifesaving Academy.
  • Mrs. Mounia Melhaoui (Morocco), Board Member of the Royal Moroccan Lifesaving Federation and Member of the African Lifesaving Academy.
  • Mr. Omar Saleh (Egypt), ILS International Instructor and Member of the African Lifesaving Academy


The Board of Directors of the Academy are:

President: Mohamed Ali Gharbal (Morocco).
Vice-President: Colonel (ret) Abdelkader Chekroun (Algeria).
Secretary: TBA.


The Constitution of the ALA can be downloaded here.