About Us

The African Members of ILS have founded a Regional Branch of ILS with the purpose of achieving closer relationship and collaboration in aquatic life saving activities in the Region of Africa named the ILS-Africa Lifesaving Confederation. The Confederation is an entire part of the International Life Saving Federation.

The ILS-Africa Lifesaving Confederation is an incorporated voluntary not for profit organisation with an indefinite duration.

Composition of the 2016-2020 Board of Directors

Dr. Mohamed Saleh MD (Egypt) (**)
Also responsible for the North Zone.
Vice-President for the East Zone
Mr. Job Kania (Kenya) (**)
Vice-President of the West Zone
Mr. Mohammed Ali Gharbal (Morocco) (**)
Vice-President of the Central Zone
Mr. George Amado (Ghana)
Vice-President of the South Zone
Mr. Dylan Tommy (South Africa)
Secretary General
Mr. Justin Bakinga (Cameroon)
Board Member
Colonel Abdelkader Chekroun (Algeria). (**)
Board Member
Captain Sameh El-Shazly (Egypt)

(**) These persons represent ILS-Africa in the ILS Board of Directors for the 2016-2020 period.