Board of Directors

The ILS-Africa Board of Directors oversee the business of ILS-Africa between the General Assemblies. Board of Director’s meetings are held on a regular basis at various places in Africa. Between Board of Directors meetings, most general business is supervised by the President and the Secretary General.

The Board of Directors is by Constitution empowered to:

  • Implement the decisions of the General Assembly.
  • Subject to the Statutes, approve and modify the Bye-Laws.
  • Appoint and dissolve Commissions, Committees and Working Groups including their composition, membership, terms of reference and working procedures.
  • Approve the conditions and criteria concerning merits.
  • Establish, maintain, publish and distribute the calendar of the ILS-Africa activities.
  • Adopt the activity report and the future projects.
  • Submit to the General Assembly all proposals which it has agreed upon.
  • Determine fees for regional publications, awards, competitions and other matters as necessary.
  • Appoint and dismiss such officers and employees of ILS-Africa as the Board considers necessary to carry on the day to day business of ILS-Africa.
  • Adopt regulations (position statements) to guide the management of ILS-Africa.
  • Enter into strategic alliances and other collaborative arrangements with national, African and other external organisations.

Within the framework of the authority provided in the Bye-Laws, the Board of Directors may delegate its day-to-day affairs to the President, the Secretary General, or one or several of its Members or to agents.

The composition of the 2021-2024 Board of Directors is:

  • President : Dr. Mohamed Ali Gharbal PhD (Morocco) (**), also responsible for the West Zone.
  • Vice-President for the North Zone : Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Saleh MD (Egypt) (**).
  • Vice-President for the East Zone: Mrs Sally Njeri Ndiri (Kenya) .
  • Vice-President of the Central Zone: Mr. Thierry Georges Vackat (Central African Republic) (**).
  • Vice-President of the South Zone: Mr. Dhaya Sewduth (South Africa).
  • Secretary General: Mss Ingy El-Shazly (Egypt).
  • Board Member: Colonel (ret) Abdelkader Chekroun (Algeria) (**).
  • Board Member: Mr David Kwasi Afezame (Ghana)(**).
  • Board Member: Mr Sameh El-Shazly (Egypt).
  • Board Member: Mrs Helen Herbert (South Africa).
  • Board Member: Mr Asmaeil Al Hussin (Libya).
  • Board Member: Mr Moussa Bagnou Amadou (Niger).
  • Board Member: Mr Mady Compaoré (Burkina Faso).
  • Board Member: Mr Djamel Derbali (Algeria).
  • Board Member: Mr El Hadji Diallo (Senegal).
  • Board Member: Mr Mohamed Greimiche (Mauritania).
  • Board Member: Mr Nicaise Karnou Samedi (Central African Republic).
  • Board Member: Mr Serge Guy Nguichie (Cameroon).
  • Board Member: Mrs Renata Alice Thiek Alami (Morocco).
  • Board Member: Mr Njie Yorro (Gambia).

(**) These persons are representing the ILS-Africa Region in the ILS Board of Directors for the period 2021-2024.